About Quick Current


The Quick Current Companies are a partnership between The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska (OTON) and Evolve Cellular Inc., majority owned by OTON. Working together since 2022, OTON and Evolve are bringing broadband service to OTON Tribal members on and around tribal lands. Our focus since September 2022 has been to apply for various federal and state infrastructure funding. Once funded, we will bring service to commercial, residential, educational and government entities which have historically had little to no broadband service availability in our targeted areas.


The Quick Current Companies were successful in obtaining licensed spectrum via FCC Auction 108 and have paid the FCC in full for this spectrum. Our initial concentration is to deploy a deep fiber to licensed fixed-wireless network, meeting the 100/100 Mb requirements as set forth by federal and state government subsidy programs. When fully deployed, service will be available to over 3,800 households on or near the Omaha reservation. The last-mile utilizes a fixed wireless access topology utilizing dedicated “Faros” massive MIMO systems. The service will be controlled by a new 3GPP compliant NSA Core that will be interconnected with Evolve Cellular's existing operations. Once fixed-wireless is deployed, we will turn our attention to deploying traditional 5G mobile services using our fixed-wireless infrastructure as our foundation.

Experienced People

The Quick Current Companies will initially rely on Evolve Cellular for network operations and management in both broadband and wireless technologies.  Evolve Cellular has been an "Eligible Telecommunications Carrier" in good standing in Texas for over a decade and its personnel have built and deployed thousands of miles of fiber and designed and deployed thousands of square miles of radio coverage. Over time as the network is deployed and turned operation, Evolve personnel will train new employees of the Quick Current Companies to have stand-alone sustainable operations based upon the revenue generated by the Quick Current Companies.

Quick Current Companies Initial Management

Lowell Feldman

Manager of Quick Current-Nebraska, Quick Current-Iowa, and Quick Current LLC.
President & CEO of Evolve Cellular

Lowell is a board member and advisor to multiple high technology communications companies. His expertise spans business, communications and technology matters relating to law, products, markets, competitors, regulations, standards, specifications, innovation, and technology. He has extensive business experience with broadband technologies and the wireless ecosystem.  This includes founding and operating a large broadband CLEC with over 1600 route miles of fiber in 4 major metro networks. Lowell has initiated or contributed to the foundation and growth of several new services, businesses, industry specifications and standards. He is routinely requested to participate as a speaker or panelist at industry events and is currently a member of the GSMA’s North American CTO executive council.

Rich Lewis

Financial Advisor, Quick Current Companies.
Chief Financial Officer, Evolve Cellular.

As CFO at Evolve Cellular, Rich has built and run a customer driven operation which handles the onboarding, accounting, billing, and support for offered services.  Rich led a team that grew the broadband voice and data customer base from launch to 12 markets within 18 months.  Rich has been able to structure and secure capital to purchase a tower company as well as buildout of internal assets.

Shannon Chevier

President of Quick Current Companies.
Chief Operating Officer, Evolve Cellular.

Shannon brings 25 years of experience in software development, application delivery, and customer success management. she is the creator of next generation mobile technology including IMS, VOIP, and VoLTE. She is an entrepreneur and business founder. BS from Clarkson University and MS from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Veteran of the U.S. Air Force..

Brian DeHaven

VP Operations Quick Current Companies.
VP Operations, Evolve Cellular

Brian DeHaven is VP of Operation at Evolve Cellular and President at USFon Inc. USFon is a statewide not-for-profit communications provider, specializing in voice and broadband services for underserved rural communities, low-income residents, and educational and medical facilities. Under Brian’s leadership and has delivered 1,000 fiber-strand mile network for broadband services. Brian has developed and instituted operational processes and related databases for network operations, provisioning, order processing, and regulatory reporting.  Brian oversaw design and implementation of a redundant broadband network in rural Central Texas deploying wireless and fiber-based technologies including LTE and multi-wave DWDM and the deployment of 238 network miles providing up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Scott Foster

VP Network Management, Quick Current Companies.
VP Network Management, Evolve Cellular

Scott Foster brings over twenty-seven years of telecom, network, and systems management experience to the team.  Scott has performed the full range of implementation, integration, and operations for carrier-class 4G/5G LTE and NGN implementations. Recently, projects include the design, implementation, operation and testing of full core including MME, SGW, PGW, ePDG (Virtualized WiFi Gateway), PCRF, AAA, HSS, P-CSCF, PCRF, PCEF, IMS, MMSC, and SMSC, as well as related RAN elements eNodeB, RRU (Remote Radio Units) and Antennas..

Omaha Tribe of Nebraska Managers of Quick Current Companies

LeAnder Merrick

Manager, Quick Current Companies

Chairman, The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska

Cheyenne Robinson

Manager, Quick Current Companies

Secretary, The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska


Jazelle Miller

Advisor , Quick Current Companies

Treasurer, The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska

Alan Harlan

Advisor , Quick Current Companies

The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska

Primo Hallowell

Advisor , Quick Current Companies

Vice Chairman, The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska

Brenda Cline

Advisor , Quick Current Companies

The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska

Waylon Oldman

Advisor , Quick Current Companies

The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska

Steve Millan

Advisor , Quick Current Companies

CEO Numu Communications

Corrine Wilson

Advisor , Quick Current Companies

CFO Numu Communications

Robert Tarr

Advisor , Quick Current Companies

CTO Numu Communications

Elke Chenevey

Advisor , Quick Current Companies

Partner, FS Advisors

Jon Walton

Advisor , Quick Current Companies

Grey Snow Management Solutions

Mike Grant

Advisor , Quick Current Companies

Tribal Planner, Omaha Tribe of Nebraska

Jerome Hamilton

Advisor , Quick Current Companies

Omaha Tribe of Nebraska

Jason Sheridan

Advisor , Quick Current Companies

Omaha Tribe of Nebraska


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