High Speed Internet Services

Service is coming to Burt, Cuming, Dakota, Thurston, and Wayne counties Nebraska; Monona and Pottawattamie counties Iowa.


25 Mbps downlink
3 Mbps uplink
Internet access in hard-to-reach locations. Long range and deeply rural locations. Social media, some streaming, virtual learning, operating a few smart home devices
1G Fiber
1 Gbps downlink
1 Gbps uplink
Heavy device usage and HD streaming, gaming, videoconferencing, downloading large files quickly
** Limited availability

10G Fiber
10 Gbps downlink
100 Mbps uplink
Heavy device usage and HD videoconferencing, uploading large files for sharing, videocasting
** Limited availability

Where do you need broadband service?

We are bringing service to Burt, Cuming, Dakota, Thurston, and Wayne counties in Nebraska, also Monona and Pottawattamie counties in Iowa.
Tell us where you need high speed Internet today and we'll do our best to prioritize your location.
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Quick Current Bringing Fast Internet

Actual speeds will vary.
Speeds up to 100 Mbps
upload and download
99% Uptime
day and night
Built on secure
mobile technology